Picking the right furniture

Looks are important and first impressions count. Making your home comfortable and homely, yet having the wow factor can be easily achieved.  With some help from our useful articles we will be able to show you how you can create the home of your dreams.  Our website is full of personal views on how we love to use our gorgeous pieces of furniture and accessories in our own home and we try to give you inspiration for your home.

One question we often get asked is "how do I manage a large room?" Where do you begin when the space is so large? Well, the secret is to create smaller, self-contained areas within the larger room. First, decide what you would like to use the room for .e.g. Living, Dining and Study area. 

Then create simple, comfortable areas, like putting your sofas around a fire place or focal point can instantly make an area inviting. If this means that your sofas are in the centre of a room, or away from the walls and you are not happy having the back of your sofas on display, the use of a sideboard can enhance this image greatly. Then with the addition of lamps, frames and accessories you will have created a beautiful homely setting.

Present your dining table set for a special occassion or dinner party. It will not help a large room if this large flat space is left empty. Start with a beautiful centre piece for your inspiration, such as flowers or a candelabra and then work outwards. Use tea light holders, napkins and your best dinner set, cutlery and glassware. Dressing the chairs for the occassion with a bow or beautiful seat pads will complete the look. This image will not only entice people to sit and enjoy themselves but will remain gorgeous for you to admire even when not in use.

Sectioning a corner of the room off with a wonderful piece of furniture looks stunning and we find a console table can give the impression of a study area, elegant but not too much like an office desk. To complete the look, we recommend that you place objects, such as mirrors, table lamps and photo frames in pairs. This can all help to achieve a look of elegance and style and yet remain fully functional. 

Whatever the size of your home, these ideas work just as well in smaller rooms too. Just simply apply each suggestion separately to each designated room space.


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